Carta nº. 25

"Uma paciente francesa”

Esta carta foi enviada pela paciente Valérie, vítima de trauma em couro cabeludo. Ela recorreu ao seu cirurgião plástico em Paris para uma reconstrução, e o resultado foi frustrante. Veio ao meu consultório por indicação de uma amiga, cujo pai, também cirurgião plástico, é um estimado colega carioca.

Segue sua carta de agradecimento em inglês.

Doctor Henrique,

First of all, I wish you a Happy New Year full of health and happiness for you, for your family and for your lovely colleagues. As promised, please find below a small text.
My name is Valérie, I am 32, I am French and I have no problem of baldness. However, the Pilos Center and Doctor Henrique Radwanski's expertise really changed my life.
You might think: "How come ?" or "in which way did she need a hair implant surgery ?".
Well, Doctor Henrique Radwanski is not only an expert with issues of alopecia, he is also extremely competent to tackle any matter linked with consequences of burn problems which can be located on the scalp. This was my case.
About 12 years ago, I've had an accident and several parts of my body were burned with hot oil. The deepest burn was located inside my left arm. I've had 2 skin grafts, from skin taken from my scalp. The second surgery went so bad that I ended with a permanent and definitive scar alopecia on the left side of my head....a disaster for me and, psychologically, very difficult to handle in the day-to-day life.
French surgeons, even the most competent in the hair implant expertise, told me that the only solution for me was to have a full anesthesia and to have a section of tissue of 10 cm by 1.5cm removed. Moreover, for them, the percentage of success was not totally sure and at the better, between 30% to 70%.
Doctor Henrique did a partial (local) anesthesia (the full surgery was around 2 hours and I did not feel any pain), took a strip of 5cm by less than 1 cm of scalp to prepare the hair grafts, with a percentage of success close to 100%. And the scar is absolutely invisible !!! Very impressive ! And I did not mention about the good atmosphere in the clinic and the kindness of the staff working over there !!
To summarize, I strongly advise anybody facing this kind of issue to consider this option as this truly changed my life.
Merci Docteur et merci à ma meilleure amie bréslienne pour son support de tous les instants !!!

Cordialement, Valérie